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May God Bless your entire family! Your little angel is absolutely beautiful.

With Love, The Williams Family
Orlando, Florida

Hi Nadia, you may not know me, but through the time that I knew of your existence, I have grown to know and love you. I can't wait for you to come home so we can meet face to face. Your always in my Prayers!!!!

Shamiah C.

God is Good!!All the time. Congratulations momma & poppa...I will continue to lift your entire family up in prayer.

Vanessa B.

Nadia is absolutely beautiful. My prayers are with you.

Cristina C.

My thoughts and prayers are with you! Nadia is a an absolute beautiful miracle!

Angela R.

You've arrived at last! There couldn't be two prouder and happier parents than yours. Welcome, Nadia Marie! Congratulations Nicole and Jean! Your baby is just gorgeous but we all expected that! :) My heartfelt wishes for smooth sailing from here!

Barbara A.

that is so so cute what you did!


Hi Guys, We just wanted to let you know that Nadia is in our prayers. Let us know if you need anything.

Anna-Marie & Barbara B.

I wish the best for you and your family remember God is good everything is going to be alright just make sure you pray and i will do the same for you cuz stay strong.

Stanley T.

Nadia is beautiful. My prayers are with you all. May God continue to bless your family.


Hi Nadia, I am so glad that you have arrived. I can't wait until you come home. You are beautiful! Love You, Santasha

Santasha M.

Nadia, Nicole and Jean... Nadia...welcome to the world! I can already see that you are a fighter and blessed of GOD! HE has touched your life and your story will encourage others. Nicole and Jean...You are dealing with a blessing! God knows who to bring a miracle through, and he has chosen you to share Nadia with the world. I am so full of hope today just reading your story. You reminded me just what God can do. You are all in my prayers. Be strong. Remember always that God is in control.

Juletta T.

Nicole/Jean - Congratulations on your beautiful bundle of joy. I wish you the best. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

Renee T.

Sending thoughts of wonderful things your way... Blessings to you all.

Sarah C. (Richmond)

Hi Nicole and the rest of the Perpillant family! Nadia is a precious and beautiful baby girl! I'm so happy for you. We continue to pray and send well wishes.

Jill K.

Kipp is my husband and works with Jean at Travelers. What a beautiful little girl. We are praying for you. Our kids are 18 and 20 now but I had difficult pregnancies and things years ago and know the stess a bit. Our preemie was 3 lbs. 14 oz. at 37 weeks. He's now 20. Our daughter is 18 and getting ready to go to college. How i would love to go back to when they were babies. Good luck, and we'll keep checking in on her- 16 days old already!

Eileen T.

A miracle has been born! Nadia is beautiful and obviously a fighter! We look forward to meeting her very soon! Our daily thoughts and prayers are with you all. Love,

Alison and Adam

I'm happy to see that my best friend is finally a father I know you guys will make great parents and I'm glad to see the improvement Nadia is making every day. Much Love,

Rosanna L.

Nadia's Song Angel, Angel here on earth We've prayed for you Since before your birth. Tiny, Tiny fighter strong We're glad you proved The doctors wrong. Precious, Precious gift of love You have been sent By God above. Miracle, Miracle baby girl One day we'll watch You dance an twirl. Nadia, Nadia not one foot long To grow and thrive This is your song.

Linda M.

Dear Nicole & Jean God our father have bless you with Nadia. The baby looks beautiful. Jean and you look so happy on website. I hope to see all three soon.

Joseph H.

I am so happy that Nadia is getting better I have family & friends praying for her. How is her mom & dad doing? I miss you and can't wait till I can see all of you and the puppy too. Nicole if when you get a chance (ha ha) just send a Hi through e-mail. Love ya, Mary

Mary Z.

She is beautiful!! We are all thinking of you guys and send our best wishes!!

kim f., don g., lindsay g.

Shes a beautiful little princess. Cant wait to see her in person. Nadia is going to LOVE her Uncle Steven.

Steven & Maria

Oh my GOD!! she's adorable she's getting so big I'm glad to see the improvements and you're right she looks so cute with her bows. Take care,


Welcome to the world God's little miracle, Nadia. I hope you know how special and loved you by God, your parents, family, and the church community. May you continue to grow and develop healthy with no complications. Can't wait to see you! Your cousin,

Sheila C.

Welcome princess Nadia! God has truly created a miracle through you. This miracle will continue to move through you by God and the prayers of your family and friends. I can't wait to meet you! May the grace and peace of God with Nadia, Nicole, and Jean. Love,

Sheila C.

Congratulations to you and Jean on the birth of your beautiful baby. You know I wish you nothing but joy, love, and happiness. Because you deserve nothing but the best. You are truly a special person. We shared some great times. You and your family are very special. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Love you Nicole!

Carrie, Johnny, Justin, & Durelle.

Congratulations on the baby. She's in good hands and will be fine. I wish you the best and I will be praying for Nadia.

Alice H.

Nicole, Jean and beautiful little Nadia Marie...Wow, God is so good. I have prayed and enlisted prayers from my whole family and their churches for Nadia. God is listening and continuing to bless your little miracle Nadia. I can't wait to meet her. I miss you guys. We will continue our prayers for all of you. Love,

Marie A.

Hi Guys, OMIGOSH that Nadia is something...she is beautiful and such a fighter. To GOD Be THE GLORY!!! I love this web-site it is great. Please keep updating with pics. I can't wait to meet Nadia and see you guys again. Love,

Janell D.

Jean & Nicole congratulations on your bundle of joy. Nadia is beautiful!! We will continue to pray for her and the family. May God continue to bless you all.

Cynthia S. & Family, Orlando FL

Hi Nicole, Can't wait to have you back in the office!

Brian K.



How great is our God! He gets the glory and praise. Through Nadia we can all boast in the Lord. Thank you for sharing this special time in your lives. God bless your family. The Griffins

Jamel and Tamara G.

Jean & Nicole: Your daughter is BEAUTIFUL! Please send me your address. Thanks!

Erica G.

Hello Cousin Nicole- Tamara emailed me your webpage today. Sorry that I have not kept in touch with you-I didn't even know you were married or pregnant. God is good!! And His testimonies are sure!! Is Nadia home or still in Boston? I work in Boston so if she is still in the hospital I can come and visit her. Also the website is excellent! What a great way to keep everyone informed! Hi Jean- we haven't met yet but I am Nicole's cousin, my father Clarence is Aunt Faye's oldest sibling. I look forward to meeting you soon!

Marcia S.

Hi Nicole, Jean and Nadia! I am glad that Nadia is doing well and I will continure to pray for you all!

Keisha C.

Hello Nicole,Jean & Nadia Look at what God has done. Miss Nadia is already blessing the world by her miracle birth. God has not finished yet hold fast and continue to see God show forth his Glory. Nadia Auntie Shaletta is looking forward to holding & kissing you. Jean & Nicole I am so proud of you two keep holding on. God Bless you & I Love you!

Shaletta A.

We are so excited for you guys. Congratulations.

Amy & Neil

I see Nadia is continuing to improve. I bless His name,Jehovah-Rapha,my Healer and the one who makes bitter experiences sweet. For the Lord is good and mercy endureth for ever. May the grace of God and sweet comunion of the Holy Spirit keep us until we see one another. Daddy


Praise be to God , Who is strenghtening Nadia daily. Blessed be His Name! Jean & Nicole we are thanking God for giving you the grace to do all that is necessary to not be weary but strenghtened as well!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aunt Yvonne

Nadia seems to be a miracle...we might be looking at the president of the united states some day...look forward to meeting her.

Eric B.

Nadia & Family: I work with Grandma Claudette and if you're anything like her you'll make it through this just fine! Hang in there baby and keep fighting! God bless you!

Melanie Y.

What an absolutely beautiful baby surrounded by an awesome family of God. Our prayers and blessings in Jesus name.

Shawn & Jennifer W.

What a beautiful angel! God has surly Blessed the both of you (Nicole & Jean) with such a beautiful Baby Girl.I have been praying for Baby Nadia so that she get better as soon as possible so that she can come home to Mommy Daddy.I also been praying for the both of you asking God to help you get through this moment in time. well I'll leave right now and continue praying for all of you and hope see you soon. From: Elva & family God Bless

Elva C.

Dear Jean and Nicole: Thanks so much for sharing this with me. I thank God for all the great things He has done during this big test in your lives. To Him be the glory. Many blessings and love!

Marissa ~ Faith World

Hi Nicole and Jean, Congratulations on the birth of your new child, Nadia, a precious gift and blessing from above. I pray all is well with you. May the Lord Bless Your Family, Love and best wishes!

Marla H.-W.

Nadia Marie will be in my prayers and my family's prayers. God has blessed you with the gift of life and has blessed her with the care and love of a wonderful family. We place her in the Lord's hands as she is just one more of His miracles in the making. God bless you Jean, your wife, and baby Nadia.

Andres R.

Hi to the Perpillant Family, thanks so much for all the beautiful pictures!


May God bless your beautiful family.

Felix & Shawntel V. (STUDIO 17)

I'm glad she's finally home!!


What a beautiful baby who looks just like her beautiful mother. Nicole and Jean, I just thank God for your miracle that is Nadia. You all are continuously in my prayers and I can't wait to hold the precious gem. Love you all.

Osita I.

Congratulations on the new addition to the family. I am thankful and prayful for Nadia's continued strenth and growth. She is absolutely beautiful! With our love,

Cousin Angie & family

Just wanted to say "hi" and that I hope everything is going well at home. If you are every up in Boston, you will have to bring Nadia to to the floor to see us. Give her a kiss for me!

Tracy Lyons

I am thinking of you and hope you are doing well at home. I would love to see you for a visit when you come in for your follow up appointments.


You guys are definately BLESSED. Shes beautiful!!!